Computer Training

Teach Na nDaoine in conjunction with Ballyfermot IT Centre provides Basic Computer Training under the BenefIT4 Scheme at the Family Resource Centre. Our facilities include a suite of 13 Computers with Broadband connectivity and other Audio/Visual aids to allow our students to obtain the highest benefit from our training.

This scheme operates with financial assistance from The Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources as part of its Digital Inclusion initiative.


This course is intended for those who have no prior knowledge of computers or the internet and for those who wish to learn more about using the internet for social purposes.

Learners will learn to:

  1. Use of Email (Sending and Receiving attachments)
  2. Use the Internet to explore Government Services
  3. Introduction to online Safety & Security
  4. Introduction to using Skype Introduction to online TV

Why Need this Scheme? (Dr Albert Jordon. (2011).)


  • Too many people still not on-line est. 23% all adults NOT
  • 57% of those over aged 65 NOT

More widespread digital engagement is good for both Citizens and for Ireland. 

  • Crucial to the development of Ireland as a Knowledge Society
  • Realising greater potential in delivering public service efficiencies
  • Demand side – Comms etc.
  • Help improve national competitiveness

For citizens, being on-line means.

  • opportunity to save money
  • better access to services
  • access to more:-
  • information
  • resources
  • opportunities


Courses run between January and June and again from September to Christmas each year, on a daily and evening schedule. For further details please contact the centre.

References: Dr Albert Jordon. (2011). The “BenefIT” Schemes . Available: Last accessed 01 Mar 2015.

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