Teach Na nDaoine Family Resource Centre is situated in the Mullaghmatt/Cortolvin local authority housing estate on the western edge of Monaghan town, over a mile from town centre. The resource centre provides family and community supports primarily to the residents of both Mullaghmatt and Cortolvin local authority estates, but services are also open to the wider community.

Over the past number of years a wide and varied range of programmes, supports, services and activities have been developed.

The main areas of work that have been undertaken include support to:

Families and Children, Young People, Travellers, Lone Parents, Women, Unemployed, New Communities, Childcare Services and Supports, Educational Support, Community Training Initiatives and Organisational Development, Networking and engagement with other stakeholders and policy makers.

More recently we have opened a Not for Profit Supermarket to service the community.