As a Family Resource Centre we basically provide supports and services to our community that target, families and individuals experiencing disadvantage and to other more vulnerable families and communities in difficulty in our area.

Front Line Reception is your first contact point, this is the area that is most important in the running of the day to day activities of Teach na  nDaoine. Dealing with enquiries and bookings in a discrete, friendly  and professional manner, ensuring that facilities are properly presented for meetings etc, it is also the responsibility of the receptionist to liaise with the Project Coordinator on matters concerning counselling.

We also engage in aspects of support through early intervention and prevention methods, using a  family support/community development approach  to encourage and empower people to achieve their expectations and raise their quality of life.

We support activities at The Portacabin located within the Mullaghmatt Estate. This facility is used for the Breakfast Club, Homework Club, Youth Café, Woodworking Classes and has compost making facilities that make use of Bio-degradable waste from various sources. The compost produced is used in the community garden and is also available free to anyone for their own use.

Those employed on the CE Scheme carry out a number of tasks that promote the environmental well -being of the area.

Most recently we have provided a community shop,as part of our Community Enterprise Project, that is open from 8 AM to 10 PM every day providing a friendly and efficient service to our community and to Monaghan town also. It is hoped that this resource will develop to a point where it will provide “on the job” training for local individuals to make them more employable in other businesses.

At the FRC we provide:

  • Internet Access
  • Wi-Fi for mobiles
  • Facilities for Seminars, Meetings, Training Courses, Art Groups, Social Activities i.e. Bingo, Card Games, Community Meetings, etc.
  • Counselling Services
  • Strengthening Families Programme
  • Positive Parenting Course
  • Family Support Intervention Team
  • Primary Care Psychology Service
  • Childrens Playground